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Flexibilne letenky od LH

Napsal: 26. 08. 2020, 22:42
od beardie
Extended rebooking & voucher options

In view of the exceptional circumstances caused by the spread of the coronavirus we offer even greater flexibility for your travel plans.

All fares and ticket prices can be rebooked for existing as well as new bookings on short, medium and long-haul routes. This also applies for cancelled flights.

I would like to make a new booking
For flights booked on or after August 25 (2020), all fares of the Lufthansa Group airlines worldwide can be rebooked free of charge (except for travel originating in Japan). This is part of your fare conditions, which you can view at any time. The departure and destination airports can also be changed.* If the rebooked fare is more expensive due to a change of route or a necessary change of travel or booking class, an additional charge may be necessary.

*Exception: a domestic German ticket cannot be changed to an international route ... ng-options

Re: Flexibilne letenky od LH

Napsal: 18. 09. 2020, 15:17
od beardie
dnes som to uspesne vyuzil, nie teda priamo LH ale v ramci Lufthansa rodiny lety s Austrianom/Swissom

letenky povodne kupovane v juni 2020, na infolinke kratka cakacka, potom bez problemov vyber akehokolvek terminu (menil som 10/2020 za 1/2021), doplatok par euro ako rozdiel v tarife

tato flexibilita by mohla byt standardom :)

Re: Flexibilne letenky od LH

Napsal: 21. 09. 2020, 15:11
od honzeek1
Krasne se da prebookovat i pres web, pokud koupeno na